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Australian Made Camphor Laurel Cutting & Serving Boards

Handmade by the Master Craftsmen | Strong & Durable | Natural Anti-Bacterial Qualities 





The Craftsmanship

100% Australian, 100% Handmade

Our cutting boards are individually handmade by the master craftsmen, and they've been sold in the Australian market for many years. We're internationally recognised in producing the highest quality cutting boards.

Features & Safety

Camphorwood naturally produces a pleasant earthy and forest-like aroma that can relieve stress, and compared to plastic or glass cutting boards, camphorwood has superior anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Every Orana Timbers' cutting board is individually made from a single piece of wood. For this reason, our products do not splinter or contain the harmful synthetic bonding agents like other wood cutting boards.



Orana Camphor Laurel cutting boards are 100% handcrafted and it's specially designed to look stylish and modern. Our boards are strong, durable and it accentuates the natural colours of the food.


The Process


Our cutting boards are only made from the best selection of the Australian camphorwood. Our qualified craftsmen first choose the best quality wood, and then it goes through the step-by-step handcrafting process. 


Community & Environment

Our rainforest plays a critical role in tackling the climate change and reducing greenhouse gases. At Orana Timbers, we take this matter very seriously and we always try to find the best ways to reduce the wood wastage and its impact on the environment. We also regularly distribute free firewoods to the local community.


How to use our boards

Our products are recognised for its quality and versatility, and for this reason, our cutting boards are popular among the home cooks, cafés, hotels and restaurants.

Product Care

Clean with warm water and dishwashing detergent. Every three months, wipe the board down with the grape seed oil to maintain its natural shine.

The Versatility

Our boards are strong, durable and each board has a unique wood pattern. For this reason, our customers often use our products as both chopping and serving boards.



Cutting & Serving Boards (Small / Medium / Large / X-Large)

Every product is unique as they differ in textures and patterns. 

Contact us

For any general & sales enquiries, feel free to contact us

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